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CD "Metamorphose"

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Label: Echozone

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Formed in 2003 by composer René and frontman Micha, who used to be a singer in a rock band but was attracted by the romantic-melancholic sound of René. In 2005 Zeritas ranked third at the “Battle of the Bands“, organized by Sonic Seducer Magazine. Gerrit Haasler, a young Audio Engineer, became attentive about the Project. Recognizing their talent he offered the band a studio session to create a promotional CD. The result of this co-operation was a three man band. The debut album’s topic is taken from real life. Life makes history and Zeritas know how to send emotional and resonant messages into people’s hearts, just like a Trojan Horse. Zeritas is a harmonic interplay between Gothic, Electronic, Romantic, Dark Wave and a little bit of “Element of Crime“ or “Veljanov“. With their own musical style and especialy the empathetic German lyrics of Micha, Zeritas got the recognition value that‘s necessary. Mastered by Thomas Heimann-Trosi (Blutengel, Letzte Instanz, Qntal, Subway to Sally, Terminal Choice...)

01. Dritte Person Singular, 02. Land in Sicht, 03. Ich soll Dir sagen, 04. Mein Recht zu klagen, 05. Welten, 06. Hand in Hand, 07. Kein Geschenk, 08. Tanznacht, 09. Mehr von Dir, 10. I chose, 11. Scheinheiligtum, 12. Metamorphose

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