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Tape "To Know The Love Of Young Witches"

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Label: Tesco

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Zerfallt (ex-Astronaut), scavenger of uneasy electronic pulse, presents 'To Know The Love of Young Witches'. These recordings use re-wired equipment and analog synthesizer in orchestrating saturated hymns. Opening and closing with moldy synth blur, at the core lie tones salvaged from the swamps; belly up and hollowed out hiss, bleak feedback hypnosis, reversed tape incantations. Zerfallt came to life in July 2008, in the foreboding light of a full moon. Since, he has conjured two self released cassettes an another on the way as half of the duo Mutations in the Gryd. Edition of 100: pro-dubbed on black Type II High Bias cassettes with 3-panel jcard, & pro-printed double sided labels

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