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Un Departement

CD "Les III Vinyles"

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Label: Spirit

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Marcel Kanche, Phil Gaz and Bruno Tollard created Un Departement in 1980. They were quickly adopted by the indie scene, the one of squats and Belleville's loft. They meet and play with Rita Mitsouko, Pere Ubu, Fred Frith, getting the sympathetic of the experimental and free scene. Journalists, critics and musicians are their main audience. Un Departe- ment remains though a very underground kind of combo and they count 5 releases on records or tape. After Bruno Tollard left the sophisticated punk duet, with suits and ties he takes the road to try its concept further to the west: New York. Their electro-acoustic improvisations on Marcel's poems or Antonin Artaud's texts get them astonishment and sometimes non understanding. They'll play at the mythic CBGB's, as opening for Lounge Lizards and for The Cure, they are jamming with Stray Cats drummer, and are stealing for a night the stardom to Alan Vega/Suicide

01. Marie Galante, 02. Marguerite Mendoza, 03. Elisabeth Stresa, 04. Sonia Lowen, 05. Lys Zummia, 06. Magalie Nolang II, 07. Je serai clement en tant que dictateur, 08. Louise Labb, 09. La poupe au doigt de la fille, 10. L'inedit: No texte for this song, 11. 120 defunts pour une patrie III (Le Album - 1985): 12. La chute des cochons, 13. Les d`lices d'Agnes, 14. Une suspension de noir dans le miel, 15. Naufrage antropophage, 16. La lacrima molesta, 17. Si le porc faisait du sport, 18. Your body, 19. Une convalescence, 20. Quelle chaleur They'll share in the New

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