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CD "Wild in Wildlife"

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Label: Speed Records

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Ulterior’s long-awaited debut album! The band toured extensively as support act for THE SISTERS OF MERCY and the press was enthusiastic about their per-formance! ‘Wild In Wildlife’ effortlessly wears its references on its sleeve: It is an unmistakable stadium sound synthesis that sonically falls somewhere between Simple Minds and The Sisters Of Mercy… A shimmering noise-noir-pop production all set to Ulterior’s distinct brand of hypnotic chrome overdrive. Recorded and mixed by Zlaya Hadzic (Sonic Youth/Tortoise) with two tracks mixed by Robert Harder (Whitey/Brian Eno/Kylie) the end result is seductive hooks and vocals shining clearly amid the storm, all of which is set to a vicious mechanoid foundation of synthesizers and drum machines; a move that has already set Ulterior crucially apart from their contemporaries. British NME put them on their front cover and wrote: ‘The New Dark Stars painting indie black! Searing our facades of cool with drum machine driven truth!”

01. Se* War Se* Cars Se*, 02. Catherine, 03. Sister Speed, 04. Dream Dream, 05. Big City Black Rain, 06. Too in Love to Fuc*, 07. The Emptiness we share, 08. Tarantula, 09. Wild in Wildlife, 10. Shallow Brown

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