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Trobar de Morte

CD "Beyond The Woods [Deluxe + Bonus]"

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Label: In The Morningside Records

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Brand new DELUXE edition of the deleted Acoustic album from 2011! This second edition now comes in deluxe 8-panel Digipak and features a total of 7 never before available, exclusive Live-Tracks! "BEYOND THE WOODS" is a collection of 9 of the best TROBAR DE MORTE songs, re-recorded in the studio in acoustic versions, plus four new songs in acoustic mood too. originally released in 2011, this album marks the most extended recording sessions in the career of Trobar de Morte, resulting in a superb, crystalline deluxe high fi studio production: A vast acoustic recording on highest level of performance defined by ultra-detailed arrangements on the wings of pure medieval, classic emotions, melodies and sounds. Trobar de Morte play Hurdy Gurdy, Bells, Flutes, Tambourines, Drums, Darbuka, Bass, Bagpipes, Whisles, Spanish classic Guitars, Bouzouki, Violins, Celtic Harp... Trobar de Morte is one of the leading and best dark folk/neoclassical bands in Europe today, with a solid and huge fanbase worldwide. A delicate group of sublime art. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR FANS OF LORDS OF THE RING SOUNDTRACK, ATARAXIA, DEAD CAN DANCE, LUPERCALIA, LOREENNA McKENNITT, LISA GERRARD...

01. Beyond The Woods, 02. Excalibur, 03. The Harp Of Dagda, 04. Rise And Fall, 05. Nocturnal Dance, 06. Los Duendes Del Reloj, 07. The Sorceress, 08. Cuncti Simus Concanentes, 09. Talisman, 10. Morrigan, 11. Ordo Militum Christi, 12. Aqualuna, 13. Ancient Echoes, Exclusive Bonus Live-Tracks: 14. Rise & Fall, 15. Excalibur, 16. Natural Dance, 17. Ordo Militum Christi, 18. Talisman, 19. Cuncti Simus Concanentes, 20. The Sorceress

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