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DCD "Halo of Lies"

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Label: Katyusha

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Coming luxurious Digipak with 16 pages booklet! ‘Halo of Lies’, Swedish EBM Combo TRAKKTOR’s second studio album features not less than 26 great EBM-tracks, that got rave reviews in all electronic medias! CD2 is a really remarkable remix disc that covers everything from Synthpop to Old School EBM artists, and offers appearances by famous acts (Kant Kino, Angst Pop, Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, Re:Legion, Zargg (Spektralized), The Blister Exists, Stahlnebel…) as well as less known, but not less talented young artists!

CD1: 01. Welcome to Sin City, 02. End of Days, 03. Blitzkrieg Galaxy [Album Version], 04. Halo of Lies, 05. TraKKtor, 06. Spitting on Your Grave, 07. Orbital Strike [Infinitus Bellum], 08. MeKKanized Soul, 09. Hollow Spirits [Album Version], 10. Drag Me to Hell, 11. The Dawn of War / CD2: 01. The Dawn of War [Falling Skies Remix by Roughhausen], 02. Spitting on Your Grave [Touched by Stahlnebel & Black Selket], 03. Halo of Lies [Remixed by Re-legion], 04. Dawn of War [Remixed by Diversant:13], 05. Mekkanized Soul [Remixed by Ginger Snap5], 06. Blitzkrieg Galaxy [The Blister Exists Remix], 07. Spitting on Your Grave [1991 Remixx by Angst Pop feat. Technomancer], 08. Halo of Lies [Shock-Pop-Mix by Channel East], 09. Dawn of War [Frontal Boundary Mix], 10. Mekkanized Soul [Kant Kino Symphony], 11. Blitzkrieg Galaxy [Frau Untz Remix], 12. Spitting on Your Grave [Electronic Dreams_WTL Remix], 13. Halo of Lies [Remix by Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio], 14. The Dawn of War [Remixed by Zargg], 15. Spitting on Your Grave [Remix by Particle Son]

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