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DCD "The Golden Ratio [limited]"

Artikel-Nr.: 04076851
Label: Zone30 / Industry8

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Time and space are nothing else but structure repeated infinitely. A spiral inside which the chronological order and the universe, or multiverse, are just a dot in a line with infinite points. The concept of big-small, long-short, here-there, now-then looses its sense due to the lack of full perspective over reality. A sense of disorientation, physical and philosophical permeate the whole album. This record is nothing else but the perspective of single person in front of the immense; a spiritual feeling that has nothing to do with mysticism. The album is strictly limited to 300 copies / 2CD to 100 copies with bonus CD-R in cardsleeve.

CD1: 01. Still Thinking About The Law That Regulates The Universe, 02. Chiasm, 03. Buran, 04. Asteria, 05. Descending, 06. Atmosphere, 07. Fractal, 08. Ascending, 09. Chimaeraformes, 10. Structure, 11. Voyager, 12. Pale Blue Dot, 13. Ascending (Worms Of Earth Remix), 14. Chiasm (Wounded Energy Mix By Aphexia), CD2: 01. Deep Field, 02. Colliding Superclusters, 03. Gravitational Singularity, 04. CalabiYau Manifold, 05. Fibonacci Docet, 06. Shenzhou

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