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Secret Discovery

CD "Alternate"

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Label: E Wave

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In terms of lyrics and sound, "Alternate" is Secret Discovery's coming of age. And what a coming of age! Their musical influences still stem from the Eighties, the early days of new wave and gothic, particularly when it comes to the songwriting, but pop acts such as Coldplay, R.E.M. or Placebo have also left their traces on "Alternate"! This time around, it was the band's aim to develop the overall sound, they wanted to do something that still sounds like Secret Discovery, but is different at the same time contemporary in true SD style on the one hand, and at the same time different enough to make it impossible to compare to its predecessors. Mission accomplished! "Alternate" is Secret Discovery Mark 2006. Without limits, without pigeonholes, without parameters, more from the gut, with more authenticity and even more amazing hooklines.

01. Away, 02. Mein kleiner Tod, 03. Weck mich auf, 04. Nichts ist mehr wahr, 05. Forever in You, 06. The Same Way, 07. Broken, 08. Ich kann dich sehn, 09. Lass mich los, 10. Changes,

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