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CD "Truth is Fanatic (+Bonus)"

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Label: Metropolis

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Deleted in Europe for many years, Rotersand’s amazing debut, incl. 2 bonus-tracks! When Rasc and Gun decided to form Rotersand in 2002, they were by no means strangers. Their paths had crossed more than once in the past, as they had cooperated with bands such as The Fair Sex, 1am and others. The energetic, poignant sound of Rotersand instantly caught audiences' attention when they opened the "Legends United" Tour (Invincible Spirit, Fair Se*, Psyche…) in September 2002. It was during that tour when they convinced Krischan E. Wesenberg to join them and when their EP Merging Oceans came out in spring 2003, Rotersand immediately received worldwide attention. For several months the band occupied top rankings in the German Alternative Charts, the Nordic Alternative Charts and the Dutch Alternative Charts. The title track "Merging Oceans" was heavily broadcast by radio and internet stations around the world. Rotersand's 2004 debut album, Truth Is Fanatic is still getting relentless dance floor attention. The album's 12 impressive tracks convey their creative spectrum.

01. Truth is fanatic, 02. Almost violent, 03. Content Killer, 04. Electronic World Transmissioin, 05. The Fire, 06. Social Distortion, 07. One Level down, 08. Merging Oceans, 09. Lifelight, 10. Move on, 11. Sonic Agony, 12. Hush, Bonus-Tracks: Electronic World Transmission (reconstructed by [:S.I.T.D.]), 13. Llifelight (Redestructed)

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