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CD "1023"

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Label: Dependent

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Having spent 2006 on the road building their reputation as a powerful live act, Rotersand are preparing to unleash their eagerly anticipated 3rd album with the title 1023 (ten twenty-three). The title refers to the room number of a Detroit hotel the trio checked into during their US tour last year. The atmosphere in this derelict, once luxurious but now forsaken hotel was both sinister and eeire. We felt as though we were in a combination of a surreal computer game and Stephen King's 'The Shining'. There were times I wondered if I was dreaming or experiencing some sort of mental disturbance. The experience had such a profound effect on us all that we decided to write a song about it.

01. 1023 Intro, 02. Rushing, 03. I Don´t Know, 04. Lost, 05. I Am With You, 06. I Cry, 07. Shelter, 08. The Gods Have Gone Insane, 09. Drug, 10. I Don´t Remember, 11. Inner World

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