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CD "A Thousand Winters"

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Label: Infinite Fog

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The CD is coming in 6-panel digipak with bronze print! ORCHIS is an English Dark Folk band consisting of Tracy Jeffery, Amanda Prouten and Alan Trench (formerly World Serpent). Orchis so far released 4 albums with World Serpent and Trisol. After a long break due to relocation and various tedious problems, A TOUSAND WINTERS is the result of deep mystical experiences embodied in studio work! It's a conceptual album, with Grand Theme: The story of one part of Europe is extraordinarily like every other part; a thriving pagan culture that at first laughs in derision at the priests of the desert messiah, and then is slowly submerged by the rising tide of christianity until all that remains is folk memory and old tales and songs. The cult of the Nazarene has built many truly awe-inspiring cathedrals from the blood of the people of Europe whilst incorporating and subverting their culture into that of the Blood of the Lamb. This album is also intended to become an important part within the history of Neo-Folk!

01. The Horseman, 02. Blood of Bone, 03. Blackwaterside, 04. The Hare / Jennet, 05. Gallows Man, 06. Arcadia, 07. The Horn, 08. He walks in Winter, 09. Magaera, 10. Winter, 11. Risen, 12. From the Iron Wood

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