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O. Children

CD "Apnea"

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Label: Deadly People

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'Apnea' is the eagly awaited follow up to O Children's 2010 eponymous debut album - an album that got overwhelming praise and respect all over the world. 'Apnea' represents the culmination of over 2 years of torturous travails as lead singer Tobi O'Kandi found himself 'essentially stateless, stuck here, a prisoner in England'. 'It's a really personal record', says Tobi, 'I didn't really write it for anyone else and I think that's how all music should be made. It's a very different album but it's kind of a 'heart on your sleeve' record." Feeling depressed from his legal battle, Tobi started to suffer from involuntary Apnea during sleep - a suspension of breathing - which in turn made him not want to go to sleep. Going to the studio to work on 'Apnea' was the only escape Tobi had from his life. The resulting record represents a distinct chapter in their career, Tobi has taken pro-duction influences from a variety of genres - he grew up listening to gospel music and African church choirs as well as the likes of Boney M, Tina Turner, Whitney Houston, Jimmy Cliff, Michael Jackson. Though Tobi's distinct baritone makes the record instantly recognisable, the music has richly developed from their debut. Opening track 'Holy Wood' takes the quartet's innate allure to an even darker place whilst 'Oceanside' add a hazy, West Coast melody to O. Children's repertoire.

01. Holy Wood, 02. The Realest, 03. Red Like Fire, 04. Oceanside, 05. PT Cruiser, 06. I Know (You Love Me), 07. Yours For You, 08. H8 City, 09. Swim, 10. Solid Eyes, 11. Chimera

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