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O Paradis

CD "Personas"

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Label: Old Europa Cafe

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There is no resignation but acceptance in the reflections that are held throughout the ten songs from this album by Ô Paradis. Each song is an experience, an interaction with a real person (persona). Musically, this work can and should not be compared or labeled to anything else recorded by this composer, still: it sounds anyway like Ô Paradis and this is how the author has elaborated it, free from the past and the future. A new chapter in the Pop-Electronic and Romantic-Psychadelia of this great Catalonian artist. The album comes in a beautiful six panel digipak with a little explanation for each track.

01. Los Demás, 02. Las Distancias Infinitas, 03. Noches en Tokio, 04. Destellos de Cristal, 05. Guardar el Calor, 06. Felinos, 07. Cuando te Alejas, 08. El Espejo de la Culpa, 09. Takur, 10. Caminando por la Calle (Gipsy Kings)

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