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Maeror Tri

CD "Peak Experience [limited]"

Artikel-Nr.: 02709390
Label: Infinite Fog

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Limited Deluxe Digibook edition of strictly 250 copies! This is the re-release of the 1st official album by this cult drone band, in a special Deluxe 25 years Anniversary Edition! On "Peak Experience", the masters of guitar-oriented Drone music were still quite noisy and expressive. Industrial collages break through the already recognizable transcendental drone to blow you out. Recorded in December 1988,"Peak Experience" finds its first edition in 1989 on a prominent American Label: "Harsh Reality Music", and in a European version published by "Bestattungsinstitut". 15 years later, in 2005, two famous Italian labels (Blade Records and Afe Records) joined forces and re-discovered this album for the industrial scene, releasing it in a limited CDr version of 200 copies only. Since then, this seminal album has been unavailable, also due to CDr’s limited period conservation. Now available again, exactly 25(!) years from the date of recordings. In all new design by a talented artist from St. Petersburg, already known for his graphics to Maeror Tri’s "Mind Reversal", and in an excellent remastered edition. A Quarter of a century – a lot of time, especially in industrial music, but Maeror Tri passed the ‘time test’ with confidence through their immortal "Peak Experience" album. Despite the modest equipments, it seems that this album will easily ‘survive’ even more quarters of centuries, always remaining at the pulse of the time and continuing to be interesting, inspiring, dissolving and ultimately TIMELESS.

01. My Electrocution, 02. Sneaking Movement, 03. Sensory Deprivation, 04. Cursed Colours, 05. Boundary To Insanity 5 (White Noise In My Head), 06. Talita Kum!, 07. Translucent Vault, 08. Wovoka, 09. The Threat, 10. Endless Space, 11. The Last Perception

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