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CD "Mind Reversal"

Artikel-Nr.: 02709380
Label: Infinite Fog

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Special edition in deluxe digibook. Strictly limited to 270 copies! Welcome, to the early days of this really cult formation! ‘Mind Reversal’ has been recorded already 20(!) years ago, and only backwards-sound was used for this album. This is the fourth edition of a magic album which was released first as MC only in 1993, and then re-released on CDr in 2000. This edition is the first release on proper CD and comes placed in a special deluxe Digibook with exclusive artworks from a talented painter from St. Petersburg. 58+ minutes. This edition contains the bonus-track ‘Dusa’, from the 2000 CDr re-release.

01. The Subjective Mind, 02. Sempiterna Memoria, 03. Big City Breathing, 04. The Awake Of Light, 05. Fountain Of Your Self, 06. Dusa

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