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Maeror Tri

CD "Ambient Dreams"

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Label: Tesco

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Ed. of 500 numbered copies. Oh, the roaring silence! Maeror Tri has knack for gathering simple sonic ingredients, simmering them in a jabberwocky with special electro-sauces, and serving up an ear smacking meal that tastes great even as leftovers. So, let`s get to the meat of the matter... "Ambient Dreams" is, surprise!,.. an ambient recording. By ambient I mean like the hazy wails of windswept souls as seen under failing fluorescent lighting. Please turn your books to the chapter entitled Nurse With Wound-Homotopy To Marie for related reading. MT's jittery electronic torpedoes are juxtaposed by silent wakes and expatriated metallic swirls. Pregnant and cavernous (see also Lustmord) sounds wander back and forth leaving trails of lingering, tonal machine noise. It's like that great and variable symphony provided by the refrigerator when conversing with the radiator late at night. it!

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