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DCD "S.F.A.G. / S.F.A.G. De-composed  "

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Label: Old Europa Cafe

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[Maurizio Bianchi] + [Peter Andersson / Henrik Nordvargr Björkk / Erik Jarl] MB in his own words about S.F.A.G.: ANTE-FACTS : After the disintegrative period of my production (from “Symphony for a Genocide” to “Das Testament”), the purchase of a misanthropic echo-machine and the consequent decay of the electric-analogue machinery, my efforts were redirected to a pre-recording sound sublimation, so I started to re-compose the electronic metastasis of early times, filtering through dehumanizing effects of the echo-machine, keeping attention particularly to the explanatory process of my ancestral subjectivism. FACTS : The modulatory shaking of S.F.A.G is the oxygenating prelude to the irradiating bionic music later developed through levigating works such as “Endometrio” and “Carcinosi” and represents a milestone in my pre-apocalyptic production which later will culminate into the horrid of “Armaghedon”.

Tracks ‘S.F.A.G.’: 01. Surgical Flagellation, 02. Allopathic Glimmer, Tracks ‘S.F.A.G. De-Composed’: 01. Peter Andersson [Raison D'Être]: Kombinat, 02. Henrik Nordvargr Björkk [MZ.412]: Hysteron Proteron, 03. Jarl [IRM]: Xerobio

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