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CD + DVD "Wonderful Wonderholic"

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Label: Gan-shin Records

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Audio CD/DVD: 14 tracks! LM.C’s catchy melodies and colorful music have traveled across oceans and borders and have been met with people all over the world chanting their choruses in full, in Japanese! LM.C has surpassed language barriers and stolen the hearts of tens of thousands of loyal fans worldwide. WONDERFUL WONDERHOLIC will be released just in time for the start of the european tour of LM.C! In addition to the standard CD there will be a dvd attached which will present live and backstage footage of LM.C’s final winter-tour 2009 show in Nagano/Japan. To top this a twentyfour page photo-booklet will be included in this extensive package!

Tracks CD: 01. ~A Sound Odyssey~, 02. Ghost+Heart, 03. Space Wannabiez, 04. mosaique city, 05. The Midnight Museum 4, 06. Days [WFWH mix], 07. ~Time Warp Reel~, 08. Edo Funk, 09. Optimisland, 10. pOlyLifE, 11. meteorion, 12. Punkyheart, 13. Bokura no Mirai, 14 .It's a wonderful Wonder World, DVD content: LM.C TOUR' 09-winter-FINAL (NAGANO de HOLY NIGHT) at Hokuto Bunka Hall /09.12.25 (included 6 Songs)

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