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Jesus on Extasy

CD "Beloved Enemy"

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Label: E Wave

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dedicate themselves to nothing less than revolutionising a genre which had used itself up. They felt that industrial music, originally the soundtrack of the machine age, had become obsolete with the demise of the heavy industries. With their debut-album JESUS ON EXTASY succeeded in conquering the dancefloors by storm with catchy and at the same time independent numbers such as Assassinate Me and their ingenious Chameleons cover 2nd Skin. Their dynamic and visually appealing performance ensured another surge in popularity. The only question was: Would Dorian & Co. be able to uphold their standard? Beloved Enemy, the quintet's second longplayer, provides an unequivocal answer: Yes! The album presents a consistent development of the group's original approach, containing a wealth of new ideas: Beloved Enemy is a reincarnation in a new sonic outfit.

01. Beloved Enemy, 02. Change the World, 03. Direct Injection, 04. Stay with Me, 05. Break you apart, 06. Stuck, 07. Lies, 08. You don`t know anything, 09. The last day of My life, 10. Dead Presidents, 11. Falling, 12. Church of Extasy, 13. Sometimes

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