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Jesus on Extasy

CD "Holy Beauty"

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Label: E Wave

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1769 - James Watt redesigns the steam engine. The driving force behind pumps, hammers, compressors and rollers, this machine becomes the pacemaker of the industrial revolution. With JESUS ON EXTASY, founded by Dorian Deveraux and Chai in Germany`s industrial area Ruhr in 2005, the revolution has gone into the next round. The 21st century has started at last! Intoxicated by the machine. Noisy, pounding machines - industrial music, the soundtrack of the age of the machine, ensures full steam ahead at maximum wattages. Dorian and Chai have rescued a tasteful breath of decay, transporting it into their virgin mix of uncompromisingly thumping beats and intricate melodies. Thundering decibels are underlined by decadence, its eruption enhanced by eroticism, its aggression boosted by absinthe, their industrial rock'n'roll merging toughness and hedonism, dirt and dandyism. A perfect mix. Dorian and Chai are men of action. After all, a revolution is rarely started by the faint-hearted, and Jesus On Extasy couldn't care

01. Assassinate Me, 02. Nuclear Bitch, 03. Drowning, 04. Neochrome, 05. Second Skin, 06. Alone, 07. Puppet, 08. Holy Beauty, 09. Nowhere Girl, 10. Reach Out, 11. Assassinate Me [KMFDM Remix]

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