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CD "Drift"

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"DRIFT" is JENX’s new album revisited by Lyynk (keyboardist and sound designer for the French industrial-band). The album is a true ELECTRO INDUSTRIAL EXPLOSION to be compared with the best songs of the likes of Frontline Assembly or Die Krupps and stands out due to its massive production and high density of killer hits for the dancefloor! Inspired by "Enuma Elish", their previous (more metal-oriented) album, with "DRIFT" a total revisitation of Jenx’s sound has been undertaken. A completely re-imagined content, an alternative version of "Enuma Elish" through a deep immersion into Lyynk’s world, much more electro – industrial and experimental, drawing his influences from both Nine Inch Nails or Die Krupps, but also Depeche Mode, Digitalism or Aphex Twin. With 6 tracks and a 40-­?minutes album, "DRIFT" is the culmination of a reflection on both substance and form. "DRIFT" starts with 'Inner View', first 11min track, which is a decadent medley of the entire previous album and takes us from the opening into its history: the listener turns into a character, actor in a aural road trip of sheer electro-industrial madness! "DRIFT" is a powerful and dark experience that will extend the addictive power of the album by playing live in clubs and festivals in 2014. In the past the band already played with respected artists such as Oomph!, Paradise Lost, Gojira, Punish Yourself or Les Tambours du Bronx...

01. Inner View, 02. The Flood (Dry version), 03. The Loss (Deeper version), 04. The Element, 05. Chains Of Labor (Broken version), 06. Renewal,

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