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CD "Tannod"

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Label: UMB

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Their first album on umb kollektif was an unexpected success with many of our customers. This project is absolutely unique, although it is labelled under neo-folk by many. Jägerblut´s new release Tannöd is the legal and licensed background sound of the official stage play to a very special and haunting part of Bavarian history. If you are familiar with bands like Sturmpercht or Jännerwein, then you know what you can expect. On Tannöd Jägerblut (Anton Knilpert/Thorofon, Genevieve Pasquier, Tikki Nagual, Giuseppe Tonal Tonal Y Nagual) unite spheric soundscapes with folkloristic influences and powerful rhytms to a coherent piece of extraordinary music. Tannöd retells the enthralling, cruel crime tale from a different perspective, positively lacking the usage of speech. The intonation of the ferocity of (in?-)human silence - a singular event that can only allow one question: How could that possibly have happened?

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