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CD "Vertigo Border"

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Label: Tesco

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Vertigo Border is the thirteenth album of the Swedish electronics favourite and the second volume of Vertigo trilogy. The magic number thirteen may imply that the album contains anything special... However, let us leave these considerations for the numerological masturbators. There is nothing more special in Vertigo Border than in the earlier Erik's albums since he remains loyal to his credo to fuck the audience with his monotonic, depressing, icy and colour-blind sound waves, to throw a tie onto their necks and slowly strangle them out of this grinding, claustrophobic and cramped world. All Jarl's albums smack of enormous and refined weariness. This is already the thirteenth album and this is the thirteenth tomb on your little grave, this is the thirteenth swing of the spade with the soil onto your coffin. The coffin sealing you off with all your squeaks of madness from the outside. The coffin doomed to choke you out of your life.

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