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CD "Out of Ballance"

Artikel-Nr.: 02422720
Label: Malignant

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Side project of Erik Jarl, member of the revered and immensely powerful heavy electronics outfit IRM. Jarl doesn`t come with the aggression of that project, but it does evoke similar feelings of instability and dementia via more atmospheric means. The disc consists of 17 tracks in total, each flowing into each other, with the early pieces,having an almost cosmic heaviness (a la Inade)?pulsing and weighty, the sounds of winds sweeping across a barren and distant orb. As it progresses however, the seeds of profound sickness and decay are planted and begin to blossom ,the tones and textures becoming more surreal and unsettling, the drones a bit more persistent and penetrating, abandoning listeners in a white walled room to confront their inner demons and degenerating psyche as it spirals, out of balance..

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