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CD "Mahakali"

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Label: Season

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MAHAKALI is the primeval force of the universe, the Universal Mother, the Great Goddess, the Destroyer. MAHAKALI is JARBOE, a multi-instrumentalist and singer with a voice that shape-shifts with seeming ease between that of a shy girl, a mother, a seductress or a demon. During her nearly 25-year career, she broke down the barriers of both music and what women were allowed to do within it. In her work, the living JARBOE continues to strengthen the legend of her former and cult band SWANS. With "MAHAKALI", she has created an epic, furious landscape of bitter release and sweet revenge. This is quite possibly the heaviest album of her entire career! "To say she has the most amazing vocal range just doesn't encompass her ability to go from fragility and delicacy to raw screaming power.

01. Mahakali, of Terrifying Countenance, 02. And the Sky which once was filled with Light, 03. The House of Void, 04. Transmogrification, 05. From afar, upon the Back of a Tiger, 06. The Soul Continues, 07. A Sea of Blood and Hollow Screaming, 08. Overthrown, 09. Mouth of Flames, 10. Bornless, 11. Ascend, 12. Overthrown (reprise)

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