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Jack or Jive

CD "Kakugo"

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Label: Prikosnovenie

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Limited edition of 1000 copies. Style : Japanese Heavenly voices 4 years after 'Absurdity', the mythic Japanese duet 'Jack or Jive' are back! Chako about her new album : 'Kakugo' is an ancient concept found in Japanese bushido. Hagakure, known as bushido's bible, says that The way of the samurai is found in death. The essence of this thought is don't hesitate to risk one's life when a need arises. Kakugo does not suggest violence. It tells us to think about death and don't do honorless acts in everyday life. Though in modern Japan this thought seems to have vanished, you will cherish and respect 'Kakugo'. Musically this album`s deep atmosphere reminds JoJ`s 'Prayer' album: dark and melancholic. Between electronic, vocal experimentations, spleen melodies and romantism reminding Mishima's art. Also features a collaborative track with CONTAGIOUS ORGASM!

1. 2008-Worry about the country, 02. War scapes?, 03. Principle of Positive and Negative, 04. Shot arrow?, 05. Kakugo, 06. Bodhisattva, 07. Don't burn down, 08. Look up at the Sky, 09. It can't be reset, 10. At the National border - Contagious Orgasm feat. Jack or Jive (Jack or Jive version), 11. Five Commandments, 12. Immortal Soul

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