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Jack or Jive

Box "Towards the Event Horizon"

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Label: Tesco

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ltd.999 CD-Cardboard Box with woven fabric image & includes 8 live postcards! White Rabbit Records proudly presents the new 11 track Jack or Jive CD, their first new material since GYAKKOU two years ago. Comes in a great cardboard embossed sleeve with a woven image from the artist Seizo Inoue and icludes 8 b/w Postcards taken during live events over the past 3 years in Germany and Taiwan. The postcards show Chako in other-worldly images, expressing the wide range of her voice. TOWARDS THE EVENT HORIZON, has to do with spiritual life, to which it gives and from which it takes. With remarkable intricacy, Chako's voice unfolds an extraordinary singular universe where all sounds, with their ambitious and various scopes, both fragile and powerful, form an existence of being in a strange yet beautiful world. Jack or Jive's methods to express their truly artistic music is through lush soundscapes, the mysterious voice of Chako, and various beautiful surprises.

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