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CD "Places"

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Label: Hymen

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kattoo is volker kahl of beefcake. in a recent interview, volker kahl talked at length about his new album 'places' on hymen, and about a wide range of topics. the following is an excerpt from that interview. (r): okay, let?s settle down now and move on to another question, alright? let`s talk a little about this new album of yours. it`s your first solo album, right? (vk): right, my first solo album. gabor, the other beefcake, he and i both make music separately but this is the first time i`ve released an album by myself like this. i`m very excited about it, aren`t you? (r): yes, it`s a brilliant mixture of dark techno beats and what the kids call drum-and-bass, right? but i hear lots of strings and things like that in it, there`s lots of orchestral music!

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