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Karsten Pflum

CD "Sleepwald"

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Label: Hymen Records

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Karsten Pflum has a very eclectic discography spanning over ten years, with music that varies wildly in approach and execution, exploring and stretching the boundaries and possibilities of electronica. After his last release, the complex and rhythmic 'no noia my love', Karsten has shifted his musical direction towards dark and minimalistic ambient but without forgetting his IDM-based past. 'Sleepwald' features 14 beat deficient tracks - a fascinating look into a rare side of this artist's output. 'Sleepwald' is an ambitious and creative exercise in surrealist soundscaping. Gently ebbing, flowing synth lines and majestic strings yearn over echoing, rhythmic dripping sounds, enriched with subliminally edited samples. The evocation of certain environments with a remarkable range of moods between darkness and comfort is one of Karsten Pflum's crowning achievements on this album. This is dreamy, tranquil music of sheer minimalistic beauty which allows you to enter the sleepwald - wherever and whenever it might be.

01. Sleepwald 4, 02. Diggers, 03. Vere, 04. fm Sleep, 05. c52, 06. Plim Mill Wall, 07. Sleepwald 6, 08. Sleepwald 3, 09. Dopplereffect, 10. Bat Magick, 11. Bare Demon, 12. Crazy Law, 13. Ubaad Ramp, 14. Perfects Creek

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