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CD "Kurohata"

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Label: Gan-shin Records

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kagerou are together with DespairsRay, Dir en grey, Moi dix Mois and MUCC the biggest acts in their genre, and kagerou have been in Europe to tour for three times! This year they played for the second time at the German Rock Am Ring / Rock Im Park festival´s and in France the band is quite bigger than in Germany! They will conquer Europe for sure and the next step will be the release of their new album "kurohata" Europeanwide! This album has been released in Asia in August 2006 and all European fans are very excited to hear the new stuff from kagerou! The sound of "kurohata" is way more calmed down than the last one it´s kind of space sound, with Daisuke´s whispering voice and sometimes outraging attacks of guitar riffing! Dive in the world of kagerou music!

01. Lily, 02. Baita no Yuuutsu, 03. Tonarimachi no kanojo, 04. Shitsuren toiu na no mujou, 05. Rakka suru yume, 06. Aka no kyoshoku, 07. Shizumu sora, 08. Kogarashi, 09. Hakanaki Gekijou, 10. Seisai to hangyaku, 11. Zettyou spice, 12. Setsudan shittyoushou, 13. Kusatta umi de oborekaketeiru boku wo sukuttekureta kimi

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