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CD "Optics"

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Label: Alfa Matrix

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Illinois-based quartet continue their fast ascension towards the top with their new album release "Optics", an intoxicating blend of industrial beats and atmospheric creations. The seductive voice of female singer Brittany Bindrim instantly brings comparisons to GARBAGE and EVANESCENCE, while their intricate layers of guitars and dominating electro synth lines bring them closer to the feel of NINE INCH NAILS. Catchy and furious at the same time, I:SCINTILLA offer an addictive cocktail of hard-edged industrial, intense female vox, crunchy guitars and electro beats. The group precisely finds its force with its unique ability to seamlessly jump genres, from fast paced saturated tracks to electro songs with a lighter feel, with a constant charismatic and alluring attitude.

01. cursive eve, 02. toy soldier, 03. the bells, 04. melt, 05. translate, 06. scin, 07. machine vision, 08. havestar, 09. ultravioletfly, 10. silhouette, 11. taken, 12. salt of stones

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