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CD "Best of"

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Since the start of his solo career in October 2001, HYDE is finally releasing his first greatest hits album, selected from his previous 3 albums and 7 singles! Including No.1 debuted singles, “HELLO”, “COUNTDOWN”, and “SEASON’S CALL”, this greatest hits album includes total of 17 songs which will make the listeners enjoy his powerful personality and his original world. It will also include “GLAMOROUS SKY [ENGLISH VER.],” newly recorded self-covered all-in-English version of “GLAMOROUS SKY,”  originally known as the theme song for the film “NANA”, and HYDE’s first ever track written for another artist.

01. Made in Heaven, 02. It's sad, 03. Evergreen, 04. Jesus Christ, 05. Countdown, 06. The other side, 07. Shining over You, 08. Horizon, 09. Season's call, 10. Sweet Vanilla, 11. Hello -album mix-, 12. Hideaway, 13. Prayer, 14. Midnight celebration, 15. Unexpected, 16. The cape of storms, 17. Glamorous Sky   

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