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CD "Faith"

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Label: Gan-shin Records

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HYDE, one of the most popular rock singers in Asia has become famous because of the success of his band L'ARC EN CIEL and started his Solo career in 2001. After releasing the album "Roentgen" and "666" (both of them gained much success in Asia), "Faith" was recorded with rockstars like Danny Lohen (former NINE INCH NAILS bassplayer), Scott Garret (former drummer of THE CULT) and it was produced by KAZ, who already did this job on "666"! The hitsingles 'Countdown' and 'Season´s Call' from the record "Faith" were both going to the number 1 of the Japanese Oricon Charts immediately, and this despite the fact, that unless most other 'Visual Rock/Visual Kei'-artists, Hyde is singing entirely in English. The sound of "Faith" can be best described as an emotional trip through rock, alternative landscapes with HYDE´s outstanding voice and the crushing guitar riffs! It´s almost a rock opera and HYDE does more then one step forward! Intense. Emotional. True Rock - That´s HYDE!!!

01. Jesus Christ, 02. Countdown, 03. Made In Heaven, 04. I Can Feel, 05. Season's Call, 06. Faith, 07. Dolly, 08. Perfect Moment, 09. Mission, 10. It's Sad

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