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Har Belex & Fragile

LP "Time Does Not Forgive"

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Label: Caustic Records

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Transparent 12" vinyl, full-color cover with glossy finish, 350g heavy carton and printed papperback. Caustic Records signs FRAGILE and HAR BELEX, two new promising Neofolk projects formed by musicians from other recognized and established projects. This album is the presentation of both projects and will serve as a preview of their debut full-length albums, scheduled for 2014. FRAGILE is a new music experience conducted by the acclaimed musicians Sathorys Elenorth & Lady Nott (Der Blaue Reiter, Narsilion, Endless Asylum, Lugburz, Arcana). Another way to feel the music, trough different sonorities and urban passages impregned of sadness and melancholy. A delicate mixture between neo-folk compositions and a new musical view about our lifes and destiny. HAR BELEX is formed by Manix S. (Pail) and Salva Maine (Culture Kultür). These two musicians with recognized careers in the electronic–EBM scene come together in this new project to share and enhance their concerns and common passions: the love of nature, local traditions, history, alienation of religion and modern society etc. Songs full of magic, intense and catchy, create a personal Neofolk that integrates in a perfect balance the coolness and nostalgia of musical aesthetics of German-Nordic neofolk and the classic and evocative cadence of Mediterranean-influenced neofolk.

HAR BELEX: A1 - Pathways, A2 - Freedom, A3 - Last Bell Song, FRAGILE: B1 - A Reality Of Glass, B2 - Become The Silence, B3 - Urban Solitude

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