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CD "Malombra"

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Label: Holy

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The members of Stille Volk are back! And they formed a Pagan Neofolk-Metal band! With Hantaoma, the Pyrenean-based project created a new sound: The Occitan Metal. Their first album "Malombra" is a true discovery and develops an explosive mixture of furious Metal with original Folk and medieval melodies! 10 songs compose this album with multiple and varied styles: Heavy Black riffing with medieval melodies, howling vocals with majestic choirs. The whole concept album is sung in Occitan language. One of the most powerful production combining Occitan Folk and Metal. Penetrate the Epic universe of Hantaoma. A must for fans of Stille Volk or old Ulver. Available in a beautiful limited edition Digipack.

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