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2LP "Formless"

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Label: Hymen

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formless, gridlock’s fourth album and first full-length for hymen, is as far away from the acrid, slight world of plug-ins and software music as you could possibly get. full of lush melodies and luscious analog warmth, formless summons from the depths of human emotion a musical epic that touches upon the gravest recesses of memory. the epic begins with “pallid”’s heavy mood, a product of forceful noise structures pounding through an idyllic synth melody - setting the stage for formless’ central theme of emotional catharsis borne out through conflicting sonic textures. fans of l’usine, marumari, funckarma and bola will find the cavernous expanses of “return” and “song23” an aural feast, filled with harmonies shaped as much by stereo imaging and time delay as they are by intuitive chord progressions. things become more contentious on “chrometaphor” and “scratch,” where gridlock’s penchant for fractured beat textures and discombobulated rhythms rush formless into a more agitated finale. “displacement” forges archetypal hip-hop rhythms into a mindful industrial chant, while the emotional thrust of “the 8th winter” and “atomontage” withers into a sepulchral dirge, “done processing.” like one of mahler’s early symphonies, formless conveys the spectacle of a death and spiritual passing as sonic revelation, a declaration of emotion torn asunder.

01. pallid, 02. chrometaphor, 03. scratch, 04. return, 05. distance, 06. invert / Side B: 01. the 8th winter, 02. re/module, 03. displacement, 04. done processing

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