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CD "Royal Stranger"

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Label: Gan-shin Records

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Fashion-heroes meet Gothic Rocker. Music Style: a mixture of Gothic, Metal and Pop - hard but with a lot of melody! From the beginning the band had two prior components. One was the musical colour, a mixture of Gothic, Metal and Pop. Heavy sound with lots of melodies and on the other side, the design of the band which is really fashionable. It didn`t took a long time until the GaGaalinG from the Outer Space released their first album called "Royal Punx" in 2007. The new album "Royal Stranger" has straight entered rank no 1 of the japanese independent Charts. "Royal Stranger" contents one bonus track and three music clips.

01. Rendezvous - R.S. version, 02. Revolution, 03. Shower (album mix), 04. Piaso (Pierced pleasures), 05. Yume Utsutsu, 06. Flash Back, 07. Flash Back, 08. i-Scream machine, 09. Losing you, 10. Frozen Heart, 11. Michishirube (Foot Print) - album mix. 12. Rain Man, 13. Lost in child, 14. Desperate - album mix, 15. Coward, 16. Time is time, 17. Twisted Heart, Video-Clips: 18. Rendez-Vous, 19. i-Scream Machine, 20. Piasu

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