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Gae Bolg

CD "Requiem"

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Label: Auerbach

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GAE BOLG has become a brand name for the bombastic, martial, and uniquely mediaeval sounds from the forge of French musician Eric Roger, also known as Sol Invictus' former trumpet player. After his musical setting of "Aucassin et Nicolette", a classic work of French literature dating back to 1225, Eric Roger's new album "Requiem" is a purely personal work. As the title suggests, it is a mass for the dead in the traditional meaning of the word. It is dedicated to those of Eric's friends and relatives who passed away in the last three years, thus presenting a subject matter that couldn't be of a more intimate nature. In accordance with this conceptional framework, "Requiem" comes across as a very sacral piece of work, finding a middle ground between serene devotion and desperate beseeching, but without ever regressing to kitsch or meaningless pathos. "Requiem" marks without a doubt the most personal and 'sacral' work by GAE BOLG so far!!!

01. Introit, 02. Dies Irae, 03. Lacrymosa, 04. Improvisa Letivis Rapuit, Rapietque gentes, 05. Choral I, 06. March Au Tombeau, 07. Choral II, 08. Hymne, 09. Choral III, 10. La Flamme S'Eteint, Une Vie Renait, 11. Di Me Tuentur, Dis Musa Cordi Est, 12. Totentanz, 13. Agnus Die, 14. Pandemonium

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