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CD+DVD "Attack of the ‘Yellow Fried Chickenz’ in Europe 2010"

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Label: Gan-shin Records

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Audio CD 10 tracks + full length DVD! After the announcement of the first European GACKT tour ever in 2010, the European fans quickly went nuts! The „Yellow Fried Chickenz Tour“ sold out in seconds, even the server of several ticket seller crashed down. In spite of the unbelievable demand, tickets were traded for more than 500 € on the black market and many people even went to the venues without a ticket, simply to sneak a peak at the Japanese megastar. To pay tribute to the unbelievable tour and all European GACKT fans, Gan-Shin releases the ultimate „Yellow Fried Chickenz Tour“ live bundle, including live CD and DVD. This package will bring all the impressive moments of the „Yellow Fried Chickenz Tour“ back to life! A 24-page photo-booklet is included besides the regular 12-page booklet!

Tracks CD: 01.ZAN, 02. Dybbuk, 03. Nine Spiral, 04. Speed Master, 05. Mind Forest (English Versiion), 06. Ever, 07. Jesus, 08. Flower, 09. Kagero, 10. Uncontrol (kyoki ranbu edition), DVD: Approx. 2 hours running time! Includes a full show plus a lot of ‘On Tour Documentary’, including backstage footage and more!

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