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CD "Diabolos"

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Label: Gan-shin Records

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In his home country Japan, GACKT has sold more than 10.000000 records. There are more than 5.000000 monthly visitors at the official GACKT website. GACKT concerts also draw a massive amount of people. The show in Tokyo on the last tour drew 50.000 patrons. GACKT is superlative and a work of art and that in the whole Asian area. His latest album "Diabolos" was just released in Europe in a special deluxe version with the Japanese booklet, an extra thick booklet with English translations and a beautiful slipcase. Making this European album version extra special is the fact, that GACKT translated the lyrics to English himself as a gift to his European fans!

01. Misty, 02. Farewell, 03. Noesis, 04. Ask, 05. Metamorphoze, 06. Dispear, 07. future, 08. Black Stone, 09. Storm, 10. Road

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