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CD "Come mierda"

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Label: Brume

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it's been several years that belgian artist pierre remy has been forging his own path on the european scene thus, under the name of 'fractional' -pierre's electro experimental solo project - several cd and vinyl releases have already been delivered. hungry for new sound adventures, 'fractional' is now coming back with a full length cd album (and a 12'' vinyl ep), 'come mierda'. fractional' s music -somewhere in between breakbeat experiments, electronica and pure industrial-constructs itself on complex structures, subtle though catchy melodies and rhythms, thus creating an extremely personal, bizarre and always most fascinating sound universe. pick out the best of idm, for example, autechre and squarepusher, add subtle industrial influences, a pinch of the harshness of drum'n'bass, you'll get a mix of dark electronica with a strong jungle aftertaste: that's what 'come mierda' is dealing with. cd includes remixes by detritus and disharmony + video clip by antonin de bemels. packaging: digipak

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