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CD "Form without Function"

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Label: Hymen

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Within a few years, Lynn Standafer became a well-recognized artist in the breakcore-related scene. His output is tremendous - not too long after 'The end', he presents his' new fulltime release, featuring guest appearances by DJ Hidden, Speaker Wrath, Somatic Responses, Submerged and Silentkiller. 'Form without function' might follow what started with 'comparing paths': A direction's turn from the raw sampling- and breakbeat madness of his earlier works to a 21st century version of drum and bass with added breaks, ragga vocals and tight-fit sample work. The basic of most tracks on this album is a continuation of what started with acts like Panacea in the 90s - straight-forward d'n'b with mighty, pounding basslines. Combined with the styles mentioned above, it's not only a 'mixture', it's a style on it's own - 100% Enduser.

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