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CD "Elysium"

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Label: E Wave

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In Greek mythology, the elysion (the elysian [field], the elysieum in Latin) is that Island of the Blessed in the extreme west of the globe, surrounded by Okeanos, where those heroes are transported who were loved by the gods or given immortality by them. The play with religious elements has always been just as much part of Eisheilig as low-tuned guitars, orchestral elements and the striking, sonorous vocals by main songwriter and frontman Dennis Mikus. Elysium is the brilliant third recording (after two albums on NAPALM) by this band from Germany, translating the powerfully sounding title into heavy and at the same time longing and melancholy compositions. The listener is practically drawn into a maelstrom that leads into the depths of the human soul. Deep down where it's dark, very dark indeed... Eisheilig have worked perceptibly on their musical diversity, dynamic song structures and more distinctive structures, letting the calm moments appear quieter this time, and the tougher passages clearly more drivin

01. Sturm, 02. Elysium, 03. Lucifer, 04.Dein Traum, 05. Flug der Möwen, 06. Fährmann, 07.König der Planeten, 08. Märchenreich, 09.Schrei, 10.Morgenrot (Instrumental)

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