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Displacer & Nimon

CD "House Of The Dying Sun"

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Label: Hymen Records

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Michael Morton a.k.a. Displacer has made a name for himself over the last ten years as a quality electronic composer and visual artist. His last album "Foundation" featured a number of guest artists, of which Keef Baker was one. Both musicians expanded upon the success of this to create a full collaboration between both Displacer and Keef's project NIMON. The fusion of both projects and the respective DNA of these 2 highly skilled performers on this album offers a range of ingredients melting together to form a fascinating sonic pallette: solid, interlaced patches of percussion and elaborate basslines build the foundation for epic layers of deep ambience, swimming with deep walls of elegiac electrified strings warped from guitars and perfected with the addition of live double bass, electric organ and even disturbing bits of noise. The sound spectrum ranges from ruminant Krautrock influences to spherical downtempo patterns and contemporary intelligent dance music forming an aural landscape of different emotions. With this release Displacer and Nimon are crossing boundaries while observing their very own standard, presenting a warm, relaxing opus with embedded waves of mild turbulence. Highly recommended.

01. Ghost Dance, 02. Stone Eye, 03. The Devils House, 04. Slim Customer, 05. Creature Comforts, 06. Intihuatana, 07. Cloud Forest, 08. Sons Of Horus, 09. Resting Place, 10. Eastern Sky

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