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Dir En Grey

CD "Withering to Death"

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Label: Gan-shin Records

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Withering to Death is Dir En Grey's 5th full-length release and as always, they change with every album, something that some fans love while others hate. "WtD" is by far the most brutal, gritty and dark sounding of their albums. The tone of the album is oppressive, with songs full of thick, thunderous riffs instead of the minute-long, wailing solos of previous albums. Vocalist Kyo does amazing things with his voice words can't even begin to describe the heart-wrenching emotion he can make you feel. The jewels of this album are Itoshisa Ha Fuhai..., Jesus Christ R'nR, the FINAL, Kodou, and Dead Tree. If you are looking for an album that ranges in styles from aggressive passionate songs, to slow songs guaranteed to pull at your heart such as Dead Tree with its anti-war message and gorgeous guitar lines and deep strong vocals, and the sublime soft lullaby like Higeki, to one of the best most powerful songs ever, Merciless Cult - then THIS is for you!

01. Merciless Cult, 02. C, 03. Saku, 04. Kodoku ni Shisu, Yueni Kodoku, 05. Itoshisa wa Fuhai Nitsuki, 06. Jesus Christ R'n R, 07. Garbage, 08. Machiavellism, 09. dead tree, 10. The Final, 11. Beautiful Dirt, 12. Spilled Milk, 13. Higeki wa Mabuta wo Oroshita Yasashiki Utsu, 14. Kodou, 15. Saku enhanced VideoClip

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