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Deviant UK

CD "Very Bad Things US [+ bonus]"

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Label: Wax Trax II

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Deviant UK makes their WTII debut with the North American release of their acclaimed album "Very.Bad.Things." With this release, Deviant UK mastermind Jay Smith demonstrates the new Deviant sound: bigger, better and harder. Loaded with killer riffs and insanely catchy choruses, the thirteen tracks on "Very.Bad.Things" raises the stakes in terms of both songwriting and production and is an amphetamine-fuelled joyride that takes in EBM, synthpop, dark electro and more. The WTII Version of "Very.Bad.Things" includes 3 previously unreleased remixes.

01. Egomaniac, 02. My Black Heart, 03. You Know My Name, 04. Maid Of Plastic, 05. Bad Influence, 06. Wreckhead, 07. Crazy Loves You, 08. Angel One, 09. What Have I Become, 10. Find Me, 11. Why So Serious?, 12. Without A Shadow, 13. You Will Burn, Bonus-Tracks: 14. Wreckhead (Grendel Remix), 15. You Will Burn (NG Pro Remix), 16. Wreckhead (2013 Orchestral Movement Version w/Method Cell)

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