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CD "The Dream, The Space"

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Label: Gan-shin Records

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After their highly acclaimed debut (scoring an amazing 9 of 10 in Rock Sound UK), Crossfaith are back with their 2nd album. Even though founded in 2006, the band obtained the respect and admiration of the Japanese music scene quickly, supporting bands like Machine Head, Hatebreed, Bleeding Though and many more. Their songs still sound like a fierce machine gun, but something has changed: The balance between energetic metal and electric elements has been perfected, resulting in this new album sounding even more powerful and stronger! Crossfaith have increased their potential by focusing on their unique qualities, creating a wild and untameable elctro-, death- and metalcore bastard, which pulls you deep deep down into an extraordinary world. Brace yourself!

01. Technologia, 02. Chaos Attractor, 03. Stars faded in slow Motion, 04. Promise, 05. The Dream, the Space, 06. Snake Code (Carribean Death Roulette), 07. Demise and Kiss, 08. Panorama (Interlude), 09. Crystal Echos back to our Tragedy, 10. Nostalgia

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