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2LP+CD "We Love You"

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For COMBICHRIST to name their album 'WE LOVE YOU', it’d be easy to think the band has abandoned their sonic assault for something softer, fluffier and less bloody. Knowing Combichrist, though, that couldn’t be further from the truth. With their trademark body-pummeling beats and vitriolic vocals intact, Combichrist’s latest full-length album digs deeper into the abyss and delivers 13 tracks of relentless aggression and manic electronica. From the stuttering thump of “Every Day Is War” to the choking-on-glass/buzz-saw aggression of “Satan’s Propaganda” to the breakneck punk metal of “Love Is A Razorblade”, 'We Love You' leaves you gasping for breath. Founded in 2003 when LaPlegua departed Future Pop outfit Icon of Coil, Combichrist combined hardcore with electronics into a single, mechanical music monster. Without the compromise of the band dynamic, LaPlegua, who does everything in the studio himself, was able to explore whatever musical avenue he desired. 'The Joy Of Gunz', the first Combichrist album, and the four subsequent albums – 'Everybody Hates You' (2005), 'What The Fuck Is Wrong With You People?' (2007), 'Today We Are All Demons' (2009) and 'Making Monsters' (2011), cemented Combichrist’s iconic place in the dark electronica pantheon. The 2013 album 'No Redemption', a companion soundtrack to the CapCom videogame DMC Devil May Cry brought Combichrist into a world more metal and intentionally harder and brutal than anything that had been previously released. Stretching their musical scope even wider, in late 2013 the band performed with a symphony orchestra in Leipzig as part of the Gothic Meets Klassik Festival. With 'We Love You' in queue to usher them into the next chapter, Combichrist is ready to return with a new live show that showcases all facets of the band. And like all previous albums and tours, the fans can expect pure and unadulterated Combichrist. “One of my best friends said it the best, ‘listening to this album sums up everything I know about you and music’,” he laughs, “only bigger, more bombastic and even louder!” “We Love You” will be released on March 21st, 2014 as a regular album CD, a limited deluxe doubledisc containing an exclusive Dark Ambient bonus album and as a limited double 12” vinyl set with the album CD.

CD: 01. We Were Made To Love You, 02. Every Day Is War, 03. Can't Control, 04. Satan's Propaganda, 05. Maggots At The Party, 06. Denial, 07. The Evil In Me, 08. Fu*k Unicorns, 09. Love Is A Razorblade, 10. From My Cold Dead Hands, 11. We Rule The World Motherfu*kers, 12, Retreat Hell Part 1, 13. Retreat Hell Part 2

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