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Closing the Eternity

CD "Northern Nights Ambience [ltd]"

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Label: Infinite Fog

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New album from legendary Siberian ambient project! CTE is one of the most important and longest living projects on the Russian ambient/drone stage. For more than 10 years, ‘121’ (Velehentor; CTE) delivers an impressive output of his original sounding drones on various labels. "Northern Nights Ambience" has been recorded as continuation of the limited 7” vinyl "Northern Lights Ambience" (Drone Records Germany, 2006) and is without a doubt, the so far ‘coldest’ album by CLOSING THE ETERNITY. Soft, harmonious and freezing drones full of absolute serenity and beauty of a permafrost, ignorant human breath. Limited edition: disclosed, hand-numbered copies. DigibookCD

01. Moonlit Silence, 02. Wastelands of Ice (Under Northern Lights), 03. Distant Icepace, 04. Waiting for the Sun

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