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Black Tape For A Blue Girl

2LP+CD "Remnants Of A Deeper Purity [limited]"

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Special VINYL edition of the bestselling BLACK TAPE FOR A BLUE GIRL album of all times. A Vinyl edition of this classic has been high on demand for years and Sam Rosenthal finally gave in to the many requests, by collecting funds for this release through Kickstarter. Achingly beautiful 1996 neo-classical, ethereal, darkwave album on vinyl for the first time! "Like Dead Can Dance, Black Tape For A Blue Girl dramatically flirts with symphonic decay." - The Philadelphia City Paper. Long droning deep tones overlayed by intense vocals from Oscar and Lucian as well as rich Cello and Violin arrangements from Vicki and Mera. The results are deeply mesmerizing and melancholy passages. The finished 77-minute album is Black Tape's masterpiece: exquisite and stunning. 2-LP 140 gram swirled color vinyl, Limited edition of 300, The band's best-selling album, with over 16,000 sold on CD. Includes bonus CD of entire 77 minute album (in paper sleeve), 8-page 11-inch-square booklet with never-before-seen photographs, Remastered from original DAT mixes.

A1 - Redefine Pure Faith, A2 - Fin de Siécle, A3 - With My Sorrows, B1 - For You Will Burn Your Wings Upon The Sun, C1 - Wings Tattered, Fallen, C2 - Fitful, C3 - Remnants Of A Deeper Purity, D1 - Again, To Drift (for Veronika), D2 - I Have No More Answers

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